Using the Trainer Portal

The Trainer Portal is configured by an RTO to allow Trainers to complete designated tasks as required by the RTO. Your RTO will need to create you as a Trainer User in their account and manage your permissions to provide you with access to the Trainer Portal. If you have any difficulties accessing the Trainer Portal due to invalid login credentials or permissions, please contact your System Administrator.


Tip: Click on the RTO’s logo in the top left corner of the screen to return to the homepage.


Note: The areas of the system that you are able to access will depend on the permissions set in your user account by your System Administrator. If you require access to additional areas of the system please contact your System Administrator.

Log into the Trainer Portal

The Trainer Portal has both a Live and a Staging Environment. To access the LIVE trainer portal, use the following URL:

  1. Enter your Username and Password
  2. Click Login

Tip: You will automatically receive your login details when your RTO administrator creates your user account. If this is your first time logging into the portal, you will be prompted to reset your password.


Note: The URL to access the Staging Trainer Portal is: We recommend that you use the Staging Environment when testing or practising using the system. Please refer to our Staging Environment help article for further information.


Warning: You must be a Trainer User to access the aXcelerate Trainer Portal. If you are having difficulties logging into the Portal, please contact your RTO Administrator.

Update Trainer Account Password

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click on My User Account
  3. Click on Change Password
  4. Enter your Current Password
  5. Enter your New Password
  6. Confirm your updated password
  7. Click Save

Logout of Trainer Portal

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click Logout

Update your Trainer Contact Record

  1. Click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of the screen
  2. Click View Contact Profile
  3. Click the Update icon next to your Username beneath the User heading
  4. Update your personal information as required
  5. Click Submit

Note: If you are unable to update your personal information, you may not have the update user permission. Please contact your RTO administrator so that they can update your Contact Record for you or update your user permissions.

Trainer Dashboard

The Dashboard will show any aXcelerate system notifications as well as any dashboard widgets you have configured and set to display. You will be able to access other areas of the system using the navigation menu in the page header which will be persistent across any other page within the system.

The navigation menu options direct you to areas of the system relevant to you. These include: Contacts, Courses, Resources, Profile and Help.


Tip: Please refer to our Dashboard help article for further information on the Dashboard and Dashboard Widgets.

Trainer Portal Contact Management

Contacts refer to each person that has been stored in your aXcelerate system. Contacts will allow you to add, search or update a contact depending on the permissions granted by your RTO.


Tip: Please refer to our Contact Management help article for further information.

Trainer Portal Workshop Management

Workshops are able to capture details of the training including the name of the Workshop sponsor or client, the trainer, the venue contact and venue details, equipment required and additional details such as catering and room setup requirements.

Depending on the permissions assigned to you by your RTO, you may be able to search for Workshops, set up face-to-face training sessions, configure activities, enrol, manage and communicate with enrolled students.



Tip: Please refer to our Workshop Management help article for further information.

Trainer Portal Class Management

My Classes will display a list of the classes you have been assigned to with basic information, for example, the course, no. enrolled, start and finish date.

By clicking on the class name you will navigate to the Class Matrix where you can view and manage your class. The actions that you are able to perform on this page will be determined by the user permissions assigned to you by your RTO.



Tip: Please refer to our Class Matrix help article for further information.

Trainer Portal Resource Management

Resources allow you to view files that have been shared with you. Click the file you wish to view and it will be downloaded to your device. You may also be able to add Resources to the Resource Library if you have been granted permission to do so.



Tip: Please refer to our Resource Library help article for further information.


Manage Trainer Competencies

The Profile tab allows you to view your Unit of Competency levels set by your RTO. You are also able to upload evidence to support the requirements of vocational competence, current industry skills, VET knowledge and skills and professional development (clauses 1.13 – 1.16 under Standards for RTOs 2015). The Evidence Log allows you to see the status and history of evidence you have submitted.

Tip: If you believe your Unit of Competency Level Competencies need to be amended, please contact your RTO Administrator.


Note: Your Unit of Competency Levels are colour coded: No competency (White), Train or assess with supervision (Aqua), Train only (Blue), Train and assess (Green).

View/Upload Evidence

The evidence matrix allows you to upload evidence to aXcelerate for qualifications or individual units that you have competency in. This evidence is also grouped under two sections, TAE evidence and unit evidence.

  1. Click the checkbox next to the applicable TAE Evidence portfolio type
    or Unit or whole Qualification you wish to upload Evidence for
  2. Click Upload Evidence
  3. Complete the form as required
  4. Click Submit


Evidence Log

The evidence log allows you to view, review and manage evidence that has been uploaded. You are also able to view the evidence history log.

  1. View the Trainer Competency Evidence Log for evidence Status and Review Date
  2. Click the Comment Icon to Review Evidence submitted or to add a comment

Tip: Please refer to our Evidence Log help article for further information on updating an evidence submission or viewing the evidence history.


Q. My trainer can’t see the class when they login to the trainer portal
A. This issue generally occurs when the class has not been attached to a domain that matches that of the trainer.
Q.My trainer can’t select the units to upload evidence against via the My Competencies to Review widget?
A.Ensure that your trainer user has the Trainer Competencies – View and Add permissions. These permissions will allow them to upload evidence but will not allow them to modify or create any new trainer competency permissions. This would require the Trainer Competencies – Update permission.